Past Research

Variability of Rainfall From Tropical Cyclones in the Eastern USA and its Association to the AMO and ENSO

Research dates: 2008-2010
Investigator(s): Ricardo Nogueira, Barry Keim, David Brown, Kevin Robbins

The contribution of Atlantic basin tropical storms and hurricanes to the monthly and seasonal rainfall climatology of the Gulf Coast and eastern U.S. seaboard has been one of the foci of this project over the past year. Elements of this study include: a GIS-based spatial analysis of tropical cyclone influence on rainfall totals; the characterization of tropical cyclone variability on inter-annual to decadal timescales; and the identification of linkages between Atlantic basin tropical variability and climate teleconnections such as ENSO and AMO. This project is part of a broader research agenda related to SCIPP centered on Atlantic basin tropical impacts and vulnerability in the Gulf Coast region. For more information, please see this journal article.