Past Research

Using Critical Thresholds to Customize Climate Projections of Extreme Events to User Needs and Support Decisions

Research dates: 2014-2017
Investigator(s): S. Petersen, C. Allan, G. Garfin, K. Hayhoe, L. Kos, S. Leroy, K. MacClune, E. Nasser, R. Riley, M. Shafer, & M. Stults

Primary Funding Organization: NOAA Sectoral Applications Research Program

This project developed and tested a community-specific participatory process to identify and develop climate projections around impact-relevant extreme events and guide climate change adaptation and resilience efforts. Over the course of 2015 and 2016, four small- to medium-sized communities in the South Central United States joined a multi-disciplinary team to:

  1. Collaborate on identifying critical thresholds for extreme weather events in their communities;
  2. Create downscaled climate projections specific to those thresholds;
  3. Review the customized climate projections; and
  4. Identify and implement a resilience action project.

SCIPP worked with two of the four communities, Miami, Oklahoma and San Angelo, Texas. For more information, please see the project materials that are linked below.