Historical Drought Analysis by Oklahoma Climate Division

Investigator(s): Irenea Lodangco, Rachel Riley, Gina Fujan
Research Dates: 2015
Affiliate Organization(s): University of Oklahoma

Historical drought conditions were analyzed for Oklahoma’s nine climate divisions (CDs) between 1895 and 2014. The study provides drought information to tribal, local, or regional officials. The analysis includes: 1) Average and maximum duration of past drought events, 2) Average and maximum intensity of past drought events, 3) Average month of drought onset and termination, 4) Characteristics of the 10 longest drought events, 5) Climatology of drought events, and 6) Wet periods (i.e. drought breaks) and is detailed in documents for each CD. The Modified Palmer Drought Severity Index (PMDI) and precipitation data were used for the analysis. Each CD’s analysis is available as a PDF document linked below. All of the documents are posted in the SCIPP Documents section of our website.

Materials: CD1 Drought Analysis, CD2 Drought Analysis, CD3 Drought Analysis, CD4 Drought Analysis, CD5 Drought Analysis, CD6 Drought Analysis, CD7 Drought Analysis, CD8 Drought Analysis, CD9 Drought Analysis

Tribal jurisdictions with climate division boundaries.
Tribal jurisdictions with climate division boundaries.
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