Climate Adaptation Summer Academy

The Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program invites undergraduate students from Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana to participate in a 5-day, all-expenses-paid program designed to introduce students to the topic of climate adaptation.

Climate Adaptationis the process of identifying both present and future climate effects and determining how communities can adjust to the impacts of present and future climate conditions. There is a growing demand for professionals who have the skills to work in the climate adaptation arena, especially in the South-Central U.S., which is one of the most disaster-prone regions of the country. The academy will connect students with professionals in fields such as meteorology, climate science, geography, and environmental sustainability, and public administration.

Throughout the Summer Academy, students will hear from a variety of speakers on topics including but not limited to: climate-related hazards in the South-Central U.S.; social factors and equity in climate adaptation, climate policy, administrative authorities and their responsibilities, and planning and development skills. Additionally, students will learn about disciplines involved in climate adaptation and have the opportunity to engage with professionals who can help provide direction for those interested in pursuing a career in climate adaptation or a related field. Activities related to each topic will be incorporated throughout the academy, and one day may include a field trip where students learn local planning practitioners’ perspectives on climate adaptation approaches in the region.

To read more information, and apply, click here

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