SCIPP Documents

SCIPP Monitor: February 2015

In this issue:

  • Integrated Warning Team - Gulf Coast: A Collaborative Effort To Improve Public Safety and Awareness
  • Are You Ready to Spring Forward?
  • Drought, Temperature, and Precipitation Summaries

SCIPP Monitor: February 2016

In this issue:

  • A climatology of high-wind days for the southern United States from 1973-2014
  • Drought, Temperature, and Precipitation Summaries
  • 2015 Was Warmest Year on Record

SCIPP Monitor: February 2017

In this issue:

  • Unprecedented 2016 at Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary
  • Drought, Temperature, and Precipitation Summaries
  • An Ice Age Louisiana Shoreline

Follow-Up Adaptation Planning Meeting - Breakout Session Summary Report

This provides a Summary of Adapting to Oklahoma’s Climate: Continuing the Conversation Breakout Sessions where participants were arranged according to the sector they work with. Participants were given examples of different ways climate information could be illustrated and were then asked a series of questions about the examples.

Global Climate Change and Oklahoma

This presentation provides a summary of global climate change and its implications for Oklahoma. The presentation was given at a climate adaptation meeting that SCIPP held in Norman, Oklahoma on May 10, 2011. Author: Gary McManus

Gulf Coast Climate Information Needs Assessment

This report is comprised of surveys that were taken in order to better understand the climate information needs of Gulf Coast region decision makers. SCIPP conducted interviews that were used to assess needs between coastal and inland decision makers, as well as to identify issues facing states and the region as a whole.

Historical Context and Evolution of the 2011 Drought (Sep 29, 2011)

This is part of the Managing Drought in the Southern Plains Webinar Series.

Hurricanes in a Changing Climate

This presentation provides a summary on general knowledge regarding hurricanes in addition to increased impacts due to climate change.

Improving Access and Use of Products and Tools for Drought

Drawing from online surveys, stories from local experts and witnesses, and in-depth consultations during an annual workshop, the 2020 Drought Summit sought to gain core insights for improving the access to and use of the products and tools that may be used to understand vulnerability to drought and build resilience and respond effectively to it.

SCIPP Monitor: January 2013

In this issue:

  • Regional Climate Model Precipitation Simulations
  • Temperature and Precipitation Summaries
  • Drought Update