SCIPP Documents

Oklahoma Hazards Workshop Agenda-November 2017

This is the agenda for the EM and Planner hazards workshop held in Norman, Oklahoma on November 2, 2017.

Oklahoma Inter-Tribal Climate Change Meeting - Summary Report

The Haskell Environmental Research Studies Center at Haskell Indian Nations University (HINU), in collaboration with the Oklahoma Climatological Survey (OCS) and SCIPP, hosted a meeting on climate variability and change with Oklahoma tribal representatives. The purpose of this meeting was to enhance and foster dialogue between tribal representatives and climate scientists, educate tribal representatives about climate science, and develop recommendations for material to be included in the 2013 NCA document.

Planning for Climate Resilience and Adaptation: A Compilation of Planning Process and Financial Assistance Resources for Communities in the South Central United States

This document provides a high-level overview of planning process and financial assistance resources that are available and can aid in climate resilience and adaptation planning. Authors: Jessica Langsdon, Rachel Riley, and Darrian Bertrand. Year: 2021 (4.1 MB)

Planning to Protect: How to be more ready in a changing climate

This presentation provides an excellent overview on climate change and it's effects on Louisiana in addition to adaptation techniques and examples.

Preliminary Results of Oklahoma Needs Assessment

This presentation highlights preliminary results associated with the Oklahoma Climate Needs Assessment that SCIPP conducted. This information was presented at a climate adaptation meeting that SCIPP held in Norman, Oklahoma on May 10, 2011. Author: Rachel Riley

SCIPP Update & Lessons Learned

This presentation addresses SCIPP goals and partnerships in addition to specific examples of how SCIPP has collaborated with local communities.

Seasonal Forecasting (Jan 12, 2012)

This is part of the Managing Drought in the Southern Plains Webinar Series.

SCIPP Monitor: September 2017

In this issue:

  • The Increasing Variability of Precipitation In the Southern Great Plains
  • Drought, Temperature, and Precipitation Summaries
  • Hurricane Season Ain't Over til It's Over

SCIPP Monitor: September 2018

In this issue:

  • Planning is telling a story...
  • Drought, Temperature, and Precipitation Summaries
  • New Research: Spatial Trends in United States tornado frequency

Simple Planning Tool for Arkansas Climate Hazards v1.5

This tool is a compilation of easy-to-use online interactive tools, maps, and graphs relevant to 13 hazards: 10 climate hazards and 3 other hazards. Users can access and obtain locally relevant data from the provided links and instructions. The tool also contains information on data limitations and a state-of-the-science summary on projected future trends for each hazard. Finally, appendices include hazard definitions, historical FEMA/presidential disaster declaration information, climate change resources, and incentive and action programs for hazard risk reduction. Version 1.5 was released in January 2019.