Tennessee Event Summary June 5-10, 2014 Flash Flooding, High Winds, & Tornadoes (DR-4189)

Format: Report, Fact Sheet or Brochure
Year: 2014
Authors: Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program
Affiliate Organizations: University of Oklahoma, Louisiana State University

From June 5th through 10th, 2014, several rounds of severe weather impacted Tennessee. A total of 23 counties, mostly in western TN, were declared as federal disaster areas due to damages from flash flooding, high winds, and tornadoes. Page 2 of this document offers an overview of the atmospheric conditions during the time of the event while pages 3-5 describe the event as it unfolded in addition to summarizing the damages and fatalities incurred during this event. This event ranked third among four other analyzed events within the past decade (2004-2014) in terms of max recurrence intervals. The highest return period recorded during June 5-10, 2014 was a 200 year event in west central TN.

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