Understanding Climate and Environmental Impacts for Vulnerable Residents in Tulsa

Report Cover
Format: Report
Year: 2024
Authors: Olivia VanBuskirk, Lauren Mullenbach
Affiliate Organizations: University of Oklahoma

Tulsa is at a crossroads: develop climate adaptation strategies for the future or continue with business as usual. To understand if and how the city is progressing with adaptation, we conducted a series of interviews, analyzed documents from Tulsa city offices, and surveyed residents to hear where they are already experiencing extreme heat and flooding. The results are clear: Tulsa struggles with environmental issues across the board and is doing little when it comes to planning for the future. There is a deep distrust of the city government from residents and even across various agencies. Despite the adoption of a new comprehensive plan in June 2023, there is no sustainability or climate office within the city that can champion the environmental portions of the plan, making it unclear if these actions will be implemented.

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