Weather and Climate Impacts on Military Operations Workshop Summary

MilitaryOperationWorkshop Summary Thumbnail
Format: Report
Year: 2019
Authors: Margret Boone, Leah Kos, Mark Shafer
Affiliate Organizations: University of Oklahoma, Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program

In September of 2018, representatives from six Oklahoma military installations along with members of the weather and climate research community across the University of Oklahoma participated in a Weather and Climate Impacts on Military Operations workshop.  The workshop focused on learning about the missions and operations of each military installation, how climate and weather events impact these operations, and how the latest technology, research, measurements, and operations could be harnessed to help address weather-related concerns at their military installations. The meeting identified the need to hold similar discussions with national facilities, more in-depth discussion about potential tools that could be developed and applied, more discussion bout economic impacts, and continued collaboration among the participants.

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