Climate Justice Series: Webinar 3

Webinar 3

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Date: February 3, 2023
Time: 1:00 pm CT

With the new Phase IV grant funding and subsequent upcoming research, SCIPP has added a new area of focus centered around “climate justice.” Climate justice directly connects to previously-researched areas by SCIPP, including disaster resilience and climate change adaptation, in increasingly meaningful ways. Simone Domingue, a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow for SCIPP, hosted a series of webinars to raise awareness of climate justice’s significance in future adaptation. The webinars also offered actionable ideas for participants to bring back to their communities for proactive planning.
The third virtual webinar on February 3rd from 1-2 pm CT brought individuals together from different sectors to answer a few of the following questions and more: What are the climate justice and disaster recovery struggles for People of Color Communities around the Houston area following Hurricane Harvey? How are organizations responding to civil rights violations following relief allocation and other recovery inequities? The session included a panel discussion of community organizers, fair housing advocates, and social science researchers from West Street Recovery, Texas Housers, and the University of Colorado at Boulder.


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