Experimental Gulf of Mexico Storm Surge Dataset and Blog | 7.23.2010

SCIPP researchers have developed a new database for reviewing peak storm surge information from past tropical cyclone events. Hal Needham, recent SCIPP graduate at Louisiana State University, developed the comprehensive database of historical tropical cyclone events that have occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. It provides information on all recorded storm surge heights available since records began.

The information is currently available in an experimental google-based display at The map shows past maximum surge heights by location with larger circles (darker blue) indicating higher surges, and smaller circles denoting lower peak surge heights. This product is experimental, so we welcome any feedback or input you would like to provide. Input will contribute to future versions of products that SCIPP develops with this surge dataset. To contact us about this experimental tool you can reach us at

In addition to this data, Hal is also running an experimental blog during this hurricane season to provide some interpretation of the storm surge data during potential landfalling storm events. This blog is available at The forecast path and intensity of current storms are compared with the historical surge information to provide a range of possible surge heights for the impending storm. Since this blog is also experimental, we welcome any feedback that you can provide regarding its utility.

Please reach us at to comment on either of these experimental tools!!