New Report: Hazard and Climate Change Planning Assessment | 10.11.2013

SCIPP just completed an assessment of hazard and climate change planning across the south central U.S. An online survey was sent to decision makers working at governmental and non-governmental organizations at various levels throughout the SCIPP region who were thought to be involved in weather and climate hazard management, preparedness or planning, or were environmental personnel. Three hundred forty-two people participated. The survey assessed 1) hazard planning, 2) planning for climate change, and 3) information use and applications across the region.

This is the second time SCIPP administered the survey. The first was in 2009 and 278 people participated. The purpose of administering the survey a second time was to determine the changes that occurred across the region over the four year period.

The SCIPP region experiences a myriad of climate hazards such as hurricanes, storm surges, wildfires, tornadoes and ice storms. Planning for and mitigating the impact of these hazards is an important obligation for many agencies and organizations across the region. Understanding hazard planning practices and the climate-related issues that are important across the region is essential to our work. Knowing how needs and concerns change over time provides us with direction for how best to utilize our resources and serve you, our stakeholders.

The full report is available in the SCIPP Documents section of our website. It can also be found here: