Climate Training for Native American Tribes

Investigator(s): Alek Krautmann, Rachel Riley, Mark Shafer, April Taylor
Research Dates: 2013 - 2015
Affiliate Organization(s): University of Oklahoma • Chickasaw Nation

This project involved developing and conducting two-day climate training workshops, including an introduction to a climate vulnerability assessment, for Native American Tribes in Oklahoma and Texas. The SCIPP region is home to 47 Federally-recognized tribes, most of which (39) are located in Oklahoma. Prior SCIPP work, including a needs assessment and a climate adaptation workshop, revealed the need for climate education for Native American Tribes, especially for those who work in their tribe’s environmental department. Tribal Nations are one of the most vulnerable populations to climate change, and education is needed so that our tribal colleagues can make more scientifically-informed decisions. Not only did this benefit the tribes but the broader public as well, since scientifically informed decisions can lead to a better use of publicly funded resources.

Materials: Workshop Agenda and Presentations

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