Landscape Conservation Cooperatives Climate Survey

Investigator(s): Emily Day, Mark Shafer
Research Dates: 2014
Affiliate Organization(s): University of Oklahoma

Several RISA teams collaborated on a survey of Department of Interior’s Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) and their partners to identify opportunities for NOAA and its partners to improve access to information they need for decision making. The survey was conducted to provide a sense of the types of weather and climate information they use and need for decisions relating to landscape management or other operational considerations. Questions related to decisions from a week-by-week basis to long-term changes. Findings showed a diverse set of ecosystem changes, from “stuck” weather patterns to changes in growing seasons and that critical stressors seemed to be unique to each LCC. Most had prepared a study or created a partnership to address the issue, but few reported changes in administrative policies or regulations.

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