2022 Louisiana Resilience Summit

The 2022 Louisiana Resilience Summit was held in Lafayette, LA, on November 16 to showcase resilience, mitigation, and adaptation strategies and initiatives across the state, as well as helpful resources and tools. Presenters and attendees included planners, floodplain managers, planning commissioners, mayors, architects, and other local, state, and federal government officials. SCIPP’s Barry Keim kicked off the Summit with a presentation about climate change and its impacts on Louisiana. Later in the day, SCIPP’s Rachel Riley and Darrian Bertrand presented a draft of the Simple Planning Tool for Louisiana Climate Hazards, introducing the tool to attendees and showing examples of how the tool can be used to integrate weather and climate information into plans. Rachel and Darrian ended their presentation with a quick survey to gather feedback on the attendees’ first impressions of the tool, which may inform future versions of the tool. The Simple Planning Tool for Louisiana Climate Hazards will be publicly available soon. The Louisiana Resilience Summit demonstrated the extensive amount of work that Louisiana is carrying out to increase their resilience to weather and climate events and adapt to future conditions. 

Rachel Barry ResilienceSummit 1
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