Climate Justice Series: Webinar 2

With the new Phase IV grant funding and subsequent upcoming research, SCIPP has added a new area of focus centered around “climate justice.” Climate justice directly connects to previously-researched areas by SCIPP, including disaster resilience and climate change adaptation, in increasingly meaningful ways. Therefore, Simone Domingue, a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow for SCIPP, will host a series of webinars and conversations to raise awareness of climate justice’s significance in future adaptation. The webinars will also offer actionable ideas for participants to bring back to their communities for proactive planning.

Entitled The Next Big One: The Ongoing Work of Disaster Recovery and Preparedness for Communities on the Frontlines, the second virtual webinar will be co-hosted with Louisiana’s Disaster Justice Network and will take place on September 16th at 1 pm. It will focus on stories from community leaders and organizers in the Gulf South who are preparing their communities for future severe weather events and disruptions, even in the midst of ongoing recovery from previous disasters. The session is an opportunity to learn about grassroots resilience efforts and how they center justice for people most at risk.

To register for this event, and the subsequent webinars in the series, click here!

Webinar 2
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