Home Elevation for Flood Mitigation Workshop


SCIPP partner Texas Sea Grant, in collaboration with UT Arlington and Texas A&M University, invites you to attend the Home Elevation for Flood Mitigation: Foundation Slab Safety Checking Tool Workshop on February 22 and/or 27, 2023. 

The first workshop will be held only online, and the 2nd workshop at Carbide Park, La Marque, TX, will be only in-person. 

Hurricanes can cause immense damage, and preparedness is vital to mitigating potential loss. The extensive property and casualty losses from Hurricanes Harvey and Ike showed the need for effective resilience through home flood mitigation. Home elevation has been found to be an effective and permanent option for making homes floodproof. 

The University of Texas at Arlington, in collaboration with Texas A&M University at College Station, has undertaken a research project on finding optimum and safe procedures to elevate homes for flood mitigation. The project is funded by NOAA through the Texas Sea Grant program. A user-friendly and free web-based tool has been developed to evaluate the safety of the elevated foundation slab using Android, iOS, or desktop platforms. The tool requires minimal training, with only inputs for the home pier, beam, and slab details. This simple tool will allow users to check if the desired elevation pattern is safe and minimize future slab failure leading to property damage and casualties. 

On behalf of Texas Sea Grant, UT Arlington, and Texas A&M University, we invite you to attend one of the Home Elevation for Flood Mitigation: Foundation Slab Safety Checking Tool Workshops. This workshop aims to introduce the tool, interactively allow attendees to use it, and gather feedback on the benefits of the tool and how to improve it. We hope to update the tool based on the feedback, then widely disseminate it to coastal communities. Engineers, elevation contractors, and government agencies are welcome to attend the workshop. Please note that you will need your laptop, tablet, or phone.

To register for the online workshop, click here.

To register for the in-person workshop, click here.

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