New SCIPP Website | 11.5.2014

Welcome to the re-designed SCIPP website. Over the past year the SCIPP team worked to simplify and make the site more functional. We also have a new logo and look. Much of the content on the homepage has remained the same: news stories, webinar and briefing registration, Twitter feed, and links to our monthly newsletter, the Southern Climate Monitor. However, one addition to the homepage is a Featured section, which showcases events, research, reports, etc. that we want to remain prominent over time.

One area of the site that has been streamlined are the tabs near the top of the page. Instead of 8 tabs we have 4: About, Research, Data Tools, and Resources.

  1. About contains a general description of SCIPP, a list of our team members, and contact information.
  2. The Research tab has information on past and current research projects, as well as a bibliography. If you ever need to find a citation for a presentation, report, or journal article that we authored, it is now be easy to locate.
  3. The Data Tools tab functions the same as the Data Products tab on our old website. It links to all of our tools.
  4. The Resources tab contains links to all of our reports, newsletters, presentations, brochures, etc. that we have produced. It also contains documents from and links to other organizations that we have found to be helpful. A neat feature of these sections is the documents can be sorted by six hazard categories (severe storms, hurricanes & coastal, water resources, climate variability & change, winter weather, and drought, heat & wildfire) to help you find what you need more quickly. Finally, this tab contains links to our webinar, briefing, and product tutorial videos.

In addition to those changes, the site is designed to be viewable on smart phones and tablets in addition to the desktop computer platform.

We hope you enjoy our new website. If you have any questions about where to find particular information or documents, please do not hesitate to contact us at