SCIPP Internship Opportunity Announcement

The Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program is seeking partners for an internship placement during Summer 2015. SCIPP will provide funding for a student to work at a partner organization on a project that would match the academic expertise of the student with the needs for climate and weather information for the organization. SCIPP will help recruit a student that fits the needs of the defined project.

If your organization is interested in pursuing a research or product development project that would fit within SCIPP’s research areas of weather and climate extremes, please contact us. We are especially interested in projects related to vulnerability, critical thresholds, hazard planning, or climate impacts. Projects could include ecological studies, social change, planning, perception of risks, or any other project that expands climate analysis into an organization’s research or operations. SCIPP will provide salary for the student, so the host organization needs only to provide office space and mentorship for the project. SCIPP will work with the organization to define a project in sufficient detail that it can be completed during the course of a summer.

We will begin reviewing projects on Wednesday, January 7, 2015.

For more information, please see the SCIPP Internship Announcement below or here.

SCIPP Internship Opportunity
SCIPP Internship Opportunity
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