Past Research

Spatial Patterns of Drought and other Natural Hazards in the U.S.

Research dates: January - August 2018
Investigator(s): Daniela Spade and Mark Shafer

The effect of El Nino / Southern Oscillation and Wind across the United States

Research dates: 2017-2019
Investigator(s): Vincent Brown, Dr. Alan Black, Dr. Barry Keim

Strategic Petroleum Reserve Project

Research dates: 2016-2017
Investigator(s): Alan Black, Barry Keim

Arkansas Drought Planning

Research dates: 2016 - present
Investigator(s): Trevor Timberlake, Mark Shafer, Mike Hayes, Deborah Bathke

Trends in Rainday Frequency in the United States

Research dates: 2015-2017
Investigator(s): Rudy Bartels, Barry Keim, Alan Black

Impacts of ENSO on Tornado Frequency and Intensity across the Eastern U.S.

Research dates: 2015-2017
Investigator(s): Coryn Collins, Barry Keim

Improved Seasonal Climate/Drought Forecasting in the SCIPP Region

Research dates: 2015-2016
Investigator(s): Steven Quiring, Trent Ford

Texas and Oklahoma Climate Extremes

Research dates: 2015
Investigator(s): Mark Shafer, Courtney Black, Leah Kos, David Brown, Victor Murphy, Brian Hoeth, Mark Svoboda

Historical Drought Analysis by Oklahoma Climate Division

Research dates: 2015
Investigator(s): Irenea Lodangco, Rachel Riley, Gina Fujan

Using Critical Thresholds to Customize Climate Projections of Extreme Events to User Needs and Support Decisions

Research dates: 2014-2017
Investigator(s): S. Petersen, C. Allan, G. Garfin, K. Hayhoe, L. Kos, S. Leroy, K. MacClune, E. Nasser, R. Riley, M. Shafer, & M. Stults

Cities, Counties and Parishes throughout the SCIPP region

Research dates: 2014-2016
Investigator(s): Mark Shafer

'Unlikely Innovators’ Adapt to Climate Change: Transforming Water Utilities in Oklahoma

Research dates: 2014-2015
Investigator(s): Travis Gliedt, Preston Hartman

The Vulnerability of Oil Refineries and Power Plants to Storm Surge along the U.S. Gulf Coast

Research dates: 2014
Investigator(s): Hal Needham, Amanda Lewis (Billiot), Barry Keim

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives Climate Survey

Research dates: 2014
Investigator(s): Emily Day, Mark Shafer

Weather Effects on Winter and Fall Waterfowl Habitat in the Gulf Coast

Research dates: 2014
Investigator(s): Tara Rodgers, Steve DeMaso, Nicholas Enwright, Mark Shafer

Ecological Impacts of Drought

Research dates: 2014
Investigator(s): Kyle Williams, Mark Shafer

Mangrove Livelihood and Extreme Weather Events

Research dates: 2014
Investigator(s): Marisa Brumfield, Michael Osland, Richard Day, Mark Shafer

Managing Disaster: 20 May 2013 Central Oklahoma Tornado

Research dates: 2013-2016
Investigator(s): Rachel Riley and Alek Krautmann

Climate Training for Native American Tribes

Research dates: 2013-2015
Investigator(s): Alek Krautmann, Rachel Riley, Mark Shafer, April Taylor

Drought Decisions and Support in the Rio Grande - Rio Bravo River Basin

Research dates: 2013 - 2016
Investigator(s): Mark Shafer, Alek Krautmann, Gregg Garfin

Field Photo Weekends

Research dates: 2012-2017
Investigator(s): Mark Shafer, Nolan Doesken, Xiangming Xiao, Julia Kumari-Drapkin

Responding to News Stories about Drought

Research dates: 2012-2015
Investigator(s): Renee Edwards, Jonathon Denham

Climate Extremes in the Southeastern United States: Observed Trends, Spatial Variability, and Related Planning

Research dates: 2012-2015
Investigator(s): Emily Powell, Barry Keim

Water Management Strategies in the High Plains of Texas: Past and Present Institutional Approaches to Sustainable Water Governance

Research dates: 2012-2015
Investigator(s): Carrie Pavlowsky, Mark Meo, Mark Shafer

A Hybrid Procedure for Classifying Synoptic Weather Types for Louisiana with an Application to Precipitation Variability

Research dates: 2012-2015
Investigator(s): Amanda Lewis (Billiot), Barry Keim

Water Reservoir Data and Visualization Tools for the Southern Great Plains

Research dates: 2012-2015
Investigator(s): Kevin Robbins, Hal Needham, David Sathiaraj, Mark Shafer, Margret Boone

An Analysis of Observed Changes in the Surface Water Budget in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Research dates: 2012
Investigator(s): Amanda Billiot, Barry Keim

Surveying Flood Information Needs: An Academic-Federal Partnership

Research dates: 2011 - 2012
Investigator(s): Rachel Riley, Renee Edwards

Trends in Heavy Precipitation Across the SCIPP Region

Research dates: 2011
Investigator(s): Esther White, James Hocker, Mark Shafer

The Effects of Religiosity and Religious Affiliation on Trauma and Interpretation Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Research dates: 2011
Investigator(s): Renee Edwards

Hydro-Climatological Drought Analyses and Projections Using Meteorological and Hydrological Drought Indices

Research dates: 2010-2012
Investigator(s): Lu Liu, Yang Hong, Mark Shafer, Rachel Riley, James Hocker

Assessing Climate-Related Needs in Oklahoma and along the Gulf Coast

Research dates: 2010-2012
Investigator(s): Rachel Riley, Hal Needham, Lynne Carter

Changing Public Perception of Climate Change in the United States

Research dates: 2009-2013
Investigator(s): Wanyun Shao, Barry Keim, James Garand, Lawrence Hamilton


Research dates: 2008-2015
Investigator(s): Barry Keim, Hal Needham, David Sathiaraj, Amanda Billiot Lewis

Dry Spell Trends and Frequencies in the South Central United States

Research dates: 2008-2012
Investigator(s): Michael Roberts, Jill Trepanier, Barry Keim

Mechanisms of Urban Influence on Precipitation in the Southeastern United States: Detection, Storm Bifurcation, and Synoptic Characteristics

Research dates: 2008-2012
Investigator(s): Anna Trevino, Robert Rohli, David P. Brown

Annual Volume and Area Variations in Tropical Cyclone Rainfall over the Eastern United States

Research dates: 2008-2010
Investigator(s): Ricardo Nogueira, Barry Keim

Variability of Rainfall From Tropical Cyclones in the Eastern USA and its Association to the AMO and ENSO

Research dates: 2008-2010
Investigator(s): Ricardo Nogueira, Barry Keim, David Brown, Kevin Robbins

Drought Management in Oklahoma and Missouri

Research dates: 2008-2010
Investigator(s): Heather Campbell, Mark Shafer, Ken Crawford

Quantifying Vulnerability to Weather and Climate Hazards in the United States

Research dates: 2008-2010
Investigator(s): Robert Gottlieb, James Hocker, Mark Shafer

South Central U.S. Hazard and Climate Change Planning Assessment

Research dates: 2008 - 2013
Investigator(s): Rachel Riley, Renee Edwards, Lynne Carter, Mark Shafer, Margret Boone, James Hocker