Tribal Climate Training Materials Now Available

The Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program (SCIPP), in conjunction with the South Central Climate Science Center (SC-CSC), hosted climate training workshops for tribal environmental professionals in Oklahoma and Texas in 2014. The purpose of the workshop was to educate on the basics of climate science and to assist tribes in addressing their climate science needs. Participants also learned about weather and climate hazards, climate data and tools, and vulnerability assessments. A sample agenda can be viewed here. Although the workshop audience was tribal decision makers, some material is applicable to all types of decision makers. Additionally, this material was presented to decision makers whose jurisdictions were in Oklahoma and Texas. Some of the material is only applicable to those states, but much of it has national applicability.

The links below will take you to each individual presentation, as well as additional material that was provided during the workshops. All of the presentations are located on the SCIPP Documents page of this website.

If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Riley at rriley at ou dot edu.

  1. Introduction to Climate (30 min, 9MB)
  2. The Basics of Climate (60 min, 8MB)
  3. Weather Hazards & Hazard Climatology (60 min, 28MB)
  4. Past Climate Reconstruction & Climate Proxies (30 min, 15MB)
  5. Climate Variability & Change (60 min, 9MB)
  6. Climate Tools & Data (60 min, 11MB), Handout (790KB)
  7. National Climate Assessment Indigenous Peoples Chapter Discussion (30 min, 2MB), Third National Climate Assessment (webpage)
  8. Climate Vulnerability Assessment Introduction (30 min, 5MB), Worksheet
  9. Special Topic I: Drought Monitoring & Planning (60 min, 27MB)
  10. Special Topic II: Managing the 2014 Guthrie Fire – coming soon
  11. Special Topic III: 2007 Flooding & Tropical Storm Erin (60 min, 9MB)

Coming Soon: Climate training workshops in Louisiana and New Mexico. Planning will begin in fall 2015. Please contact April Taylor, tribal liaison for the SC-CSC, at 580-235-7430 or April dot Taylor at chickasaw dot net for more information.

    Participants at the first workshop in Wyandotte, Oklahoma in August 2014.
    Participants at the first workshop in Wyandotte, Oklahoma in August 2014.
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